• Deborah Crombie

So many jobs available, but where do you find them?

Every news cast is telling us that there are so many positions available and how no one is applying for them. The blame for the lack of applications is being thrown at the Job Keeper and Job Seeker payments, but who is seeing the jobs advertised?

You need to be active on Facebook plus linked to the local job pages. This will give you access to approximately 30% of the available positions, but what about the rest? Most newspapers are online now, local noticeboards at the shopping centres and JobSearch Australia. If your not online constantly, you may be feeling left out.

Word of mouth is the best approach. The roadblock here is personal fear on putting yourself out there. As most positions are sourced through family and friends, you need to be prepared. Being prepared helps take away some of the fear in approaching employers for positions, especially non advertised ones.

Having a 'Rockin Resume', positive attitude, a little bit of background information on the job and business, knowing exactly what you want to do will also help with the fear factor. Often going to a business owner you know well to ask general questions about what they look for in an employee can give you some really good insight on how to approach other businesses in the same industry. Gathering as much information as you can will give you the additional confidence to help you step out of your comfort zone - now thats where the magic happens!

You might find the information you have sourced has helped you to decide on the direction you want to take or that it really was not for you. So be prepared to ask the tricky questions, find out exactly what happens on a day to day basis.

Also, remember to watch when you go into businesses. With so many just reopening their doors and trying to get back on their feet, they just might need an extra hand but have not had the time to put the word out there just yet.

It never hurts to carry a couple of resumes with you in the car. Keep them in a clear plastic slip in the glove box so they are easily accessed, but won't be damaged. That way you are always prepared and that looks good to a potential employer.

Any questions or if you need any help just contact Crombie Virtual Rescue on 0449 816 848.

Good luck out there!

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